“Learning From The Prayers Of The Old Testament”

In the Old Testament prayer was prominent in the lives of OT Saints, and prayer built their relationship with God. If prayer was so important to these people and having value in their lives, then the practice and habit of prayer ought to set a whole new direction for each of us and for the church, the body of believers.
We have heard it said that nothing will be accomplished without prayer.  And it is also true that if we do not pray, we will achieve nothing of lasting
In our Bible Study entitled “Learning From The Prayers Of The Old Testament”, we will study the prayers of a few of the Hebrew Saints, review the situation that initiated the prayer, delve into the prayer, and see how that prayer will help us in our prayer life.
Come join us on Mondays, beginning September 11 th at 6:30 PM in the sanctuary, as we look at the scriptural prayers of Abraham, Moses, Hannah, David, Solomon, Jonah, and others.
Pastor Jim