Connectional Groups

What is a Connectional Group?

A WGUMC Connectional Group falls into one of three categories: Study Groups, Fellowship Groups, or Support Groups.

Study Groups typically consists of 3-12 people who meet at church, in homes and other locations to study and apply God’s word.  These groups most resemble a typical small group.  The groups usually include a time of fellowship and sharing; however, prayer and study are the primary focus of the group.

Fellowship Groups are social groups that get together to fellowship, play sports, make crafts and support one another in the name of Christ.  Although these groups have no set format or curriculum, Christ is always present at these gatherings.  We believe that social groups with fellow Christians are just as important as Bible studies in a person’s Christian journey.

Support Groups are groups of people who gather together in the name of Christ to support and pray for one another.  The people in these groups usually have a common interest or need.

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Why join a Connectional group?

Meeting regularly with fellow followers of Christ is one of the most meaningful ways we can live out our congregational mission and vision.  Connecting with other Christians is at the heart of what we do as a congregation.  In times of study, fellowship, prayer and laughter, we grow closer to fellow pilgrims and deepen our own walk and journey with Christ.