Children’s Morning Out & Preschool

The Children’s Morning Out Program and Preschool offers half day programs for children 2 to 5 years old.  Children learn and grow in a loving and encouraging environment that supports individual development and offers opportunities for children of all abilities.

The early childhood programs at WGUMC provide a loving learning environment for all children.  All programs are organized around specially selected and seasonal themes.  The teachers prepare the classroom so that children can actively engage in a variety of activities that encourage learning across all developmental areas.  Children have many opportunities to make choices and explore their individual interests.  We are a Christian-based program so there are opportunities to learn about the Bible and Christian values.

The Creative Curriculum (by Diane Trister Dodge), a developmentally appropriate curriculum is utilized in all classes.

Children’s Morning Out Program
This program offers a first opportunity for children to stretch beyond their families into a social world with other children and nurturing adults.  The program features creative art activities, circle time, music and movement, gross motor, free choice in centers and outdoor play.  Teachers assist children with learning to share and take turns with others.  We provide a loving and safe classroom where children can explore and learn about their world.

Preschool Programs
The curriculum offers many activities that encourage learning, self-expression, independence and discovery.  Creative arts are presented where children have a chance to create their own unique piece of art.  The process of creating is emphasized over the end product.  Pre-literacy and pre-math skills are woven into the program so that children can develop an understanding of these concepts while engaging in “real life”/authentic experiences.  Science is also a part of the curriculum.  Children will have the opportunity to explore how the world around them fits together with many hands-on activities.

Music and movement experiences are offered to provide children with the chance to sing and dance.  Opportunities are provided to work together to accomplish tasks and develop a sense of community in the classroom.  Children are encouraged to problem solve with each other and to express their thoughts and feelings.

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