Bride of Hope Informational Meeting

BRIDGE OF HOPE: Through Bridge of Hope, our church family has a new opportunity to extend the love and care Christ has given us, to families facing homelessness. Bridge of Hope is a unique ministry, a three-way partnership among families facing homelessness, church-based Neighboring Volunteers trained to provide practical support and encouragement, and professional staff. Rather than offering short-term solutions, the Bridge of Hope Neighborhood of Support is designed to last 18 to 24 months to give families the time and opportunities necessary for long-term change. We are hoping to get about 10 volunteers who would commit to “neighboring” a family. Neighboring is similar to what we do, as we support and care for family and friends. We would be available to a family dealing with homelessness, by being a support network for them. We might provide a ride, make a meal together, help with taxes, homework assistance, and/or make a phone call offering encouragement. Each family and volunteers are unique, so neighboring will be specific to those working in partnership. This seems like a great way to continue our care for families facing homelessness, in the absence of being able to house them in the local churches, through Family Promise. If this sounds like something you would care to know more about, there is an informational Zoom meeting scheduled with the Chester County Church Engagement Director. We will be meeting with the Rev. Scott Dorsey at 4:00 on Jan. 23rd. He will share more about the ministry and what is expected of the volunteers. Please let Joan Leaman ( know of your interest in being part of that Zoom gathering on Jan. 23 and she will send you the Zoom invitation. Thanks for your prayerful consideration of this wonderful opportunity.