All Saints Sunday


November 7th 

From the earliest days in the church, community has gathered to remember those who have gone onto the glory.  On All Saints’ Day, the church remembers those who have died in the previous year.  This cherished tradition has been important in this congregation for many years.

We remember beloved members of the church, special loved ones of our families, and those for whom we have performed funeral and memorial services. Our remembrance includes pictures, the tolling of the bell, and the lighting of the candles.

You may be remembering a loved one this year. We would like to give thanks to God for their life in our All Saints Day service on November 7th .

Please make sure that the office has the name of your loved one, a picture of your loved one, in addition to their date of birth and date of death, by October 31st . It is our privilege to remember those who moved onto the church triumphant, even as we hold the tenderness of loss.