Play, Learn, and Grow Together

Happy 2020!  I hope the new year will bring joy and happiness to each of you.  We are so happy to be back in session after the Christmas break.  It is so wonderful to see all of the children!  This month the children will be learning all about winter and hibernating animals.   Many of our classes are exploring snow and snowflakes.  They are even playing in snow in the sensory bins.  Maybe, Mother Nature will help us with some real snow but just a little please :).  Hibernating animals is also a popular theme this month.  The children will learn about what it means to hibernate and why animals do this.  They will especially enjoy reading The Mitten and doing activities to pretend that they are like the animals who try to squeeze into the mitten.

As we move into February, our focus will turn to Valentine’s Day and what it means to love.