Youth Summer Mission Week

As we move forward into 2021, we continue to assess the COVID-19 pandemic as a nation and a church. As most of you know, our trip to Boston was cancelled in June 2020 and was changed to June of this year. After speaking with parents, students and Pastor Tim, the group decided that moving our Boston trip to 2022 was the safest option for this year.

Out of changed plans comes new opportunities. This year, instead of heading out of town, we will be holding a week of service here at West Grove UMC, under the new title of “Summer Service Week”. This week will provide the opportunity for youth and adults to work with people in and around their community, learn about the needs of people in the community and grow in compassion for their neighbors.
So what do we know right now?

The church is hosting our week of service- it’s where we will eat, sleep, hang out and have all of our programming for the week.  We will be participating in different types of service during the week. We may be handing out food, sorting clothes, painting a shed, doing yard work for folks…there’s so much to be done. Details will be shared over the coming months!  We will have transportation to and from work sites each day.  Youth and adult participants will be able to go home each day to shower and change. If needed, we will have host homes for those who need it.

Is there any cost to participate?
There is no cost to participants! This week is free for students and adult volunteers. Students entering 9th grade through graduating seniors are welcome to participate.  Our planning team will be looking at fundraisers and receiving donations that we can give to the organizations and individuals that we will be working with this year.

I am very excited at this opportunity for our youth and adult volunteers. My hope and prayer is that we all become more aware of the needs of those who live where we live; that our foundation in God and Christ multiples our love and moves us to keep creating a world where we we take care of one another.

If you would like more information or you would like to sign up as a student or adult volunteer, Contact Melanie at