“Walking With Jesus”

Walking With Jesus – More than a Lenten devotional- Beginning February 19

You are invited to join us in this 6 week program, beginning February 19, designed to help you make small changes and simple lifestyle improvements in your health and to grow in faith.  An inspiring devotional dimension to the program reminds you of the connection between health in body and spirit.  As you work on physical health goals (increased steps walked daily, more vegetables and fruits, increased water intake), daily Scripture readings and meditations help you follow the routes that Jesus walked while preaching and teaching, leading up to the crucifixion and resurrection.

A sign-up sheet and copies of the book are available on a display in the lobby.  I encourage you to sign-up and share your email address or phone number, so that we can all share our experiences and support with one another throughout the 6 week journey. Book donations of $8.30 are appreciated to cover the cost of the book, but don’t let cost be an issue. You are invited to take a book and join the journey! Donations can be placed in the offering plate. If you have any questions, please contact Susan Paisley by email or phone: sbrintonpais1@verizon.net or610-268-3305