“The Life of David” Bible Study


Wednesdays at 7:00 P.M.
(Beginning September 12)

West Grove UMC Sanctuary

In this 13 week study (led by Pastor Jim) we will delve into the story of David. There are several reasons why we should take on this study:

  • David’s story is exciting.  A shepherd boy who has an encounter with a giant named Goliath trusts in God and he defeats this experienced warrior with his faith, a sling and a stone.  There are “chance” encounters in caves and deserts, beautiful women and palace intrigue. He escapes with his life by pursuits from two kings, King Saul and then his own son, Absalom.  David prevails and becomes King of Israel. It’s going to be exciting to study his life.
  • David’s story is inspiring.  This mighty warrior is a committed believer and a prolific singer-songwriter, whose lyrics still inspire us today, some 3000 years later.  He has learned to trust God in the depths of depression and the extremes of danger and he knows how to offer high praises to God. David’s story points us to our God.
  • David’s story is human.  This lover of God has flaws that threaten to destroy his spirit, his family and his position as king.  We see a man who falls very low, but repents to takes God’s grace and mercy and is restored and redeemed.
  • David’s story is manly.  His life helps us see how a great warrior and leader David is as he
    integrates his faith in his daily life with that of being a king.  He shows that men can have a very strong faith in God.
  • David’s story is ongoing.  God chose him to be the ancestor of our Lord, the Son of David and the Son of God – Jesus of Nazareth.  This is supported by the Davidic Covenant, one of the most
    important themes in the Bible.


Join us for this exciting study of one the Bible’s most famous people!