Sunday Mornings View and Chew

Sunday Mornings View and Chew:

Cultivating Tenderheartedness in Race Relations

 Watch at home – discuss it here the last Sunday of each month from February through June (note two exceptions)!  The Apostle Paul encourages Christians to be tenderhearted (Ephesians 4:32).  Enhancing understanding through education is a means to move from mere tolerance to tenderheartedness.  Each month participants will be assigned a movie, videos, or You Tubes to watch that speak to relations between white people and people of color.  A list of questions to consider will be sent with the assigned video or movie.  Watch it at your leisure, but come ready to share your reactions and responses with the others in the Sunday School class (Room TBA).  Mel Leaman will facilitate the process.  Please email Mel regarding your participation at or sign-up in the narthex.  Mel will send you the questions upon your registration.

Sunday – February 25 – The movie “Crash” (2 hours)

Sunday – March 25 – Understanding Privilege

Sunday – April 29 – Slavery by another name: Incarceration

Sunday – May 20 – Cracking the Codes: Systems of Inequality

Sunday, June 10 – Perspectives on Healing and Reconciliation