Mel Leaman & Son Benefit Concert

Father and Son Duo Perform Benefit Concert for THE GARAGE Youth Center: November 4 from 6:30-8:00 (Doors open at 6:00 for pop/folk artist William Rose) at West Grove UMC
Mel Leaman and his son, Toby of the popular Philly group, Dr. Dog are pictured here singing at the Electric Factory. Some years ago, Mel joined the band to sing the song “Alaska” in honor of his wife’s birthday. Toby composes many of the songs Dr. Dog performs. This year, on November 4, Toby will join his father with vocals and back-up as they perform an eclectic selection of songs Mel has written.Various friends (see below) will also share vocals and instrumental back-ups. The songs will not be repeats of last year’s concert which drew close to 200 people and raised $1600 for THE GARAGE youth center in West Grove. A slow love song like “Tender Kiss” may be followed by booming call for racial justice in “Fences” or a more settle movement towards the faith perspective of “Melt into the Cold.” Be it the genre of jazz, blues, rock, or country the songs will spark some thought even as you swing.   The concert is slated for 6:30-8:00 on Sunday evening, November 4 at the West Grove UMC – 300 N. Guernsey Road in West Grove. A donation of $10 is suggested for THE GARAGE.Some of the youth center members will be serving refreshments. A CD of songs from last year’s concert will be available. In addition, William Rose the Director of Operations at THE GARAGE and professional musician will play from 6:00-6:30.
When you capture the moments of change in the lives of humans, the mundane and the astounding, then turn them into catchy melodies- you would be describing the music of William Rose. Collected stories from his travels around the world are what fuels the sounds and emotive lyrics within William’s music combined with Indie Rock, alternative pop and folk influences. Whether performing solo or full band, William always delivers a passionate, high energy and heart-felt performance that makes you feel like you were the one creating each moment shared in every one of his songs. See William’s website at: www.thewilliamrose.comFinally, a former student of THE GARAGE outreach, Christian Valdivia will do a hip hop selection prior to Mel’s performance.
Keyboards: Betsy Smith and Toby Leaman; Mandolin, Banjo, and Guitar: Mark Linkins of Sycamore Muse; Joan Leaman; Herb Henny; Marc Simmons; Percussions: Bob Castaldi and Mike Wiwel; Lead Guitar: Brian Combs and Gary Press; Bass: Billy Ditzel, Jeff Laird, Toby Leaman; Vocals: Billy Ditzel; Peter Mullen, Victoria Smith Owens, Betsy Smith, Susan Scott, Mel Leaman, Toby Leaman